Updating Your Technologies

You can add, update, and delete your technologies by updating them in your repository.

An initial synchronization occurs automatically when a repository is created, according to the information in the .zip file.

1. Update manually

  1. Click the Catalog module.
    The Repositories page opens.

  2. Click your repository from the list.
    Its Overview page opens.

    screen technology update
  3. Click Update technologies.
    A window opens and informs you that the technology update will add, update, and remove technologies according to the changes made to the .zip file you selected.

  4. You can either:

    • If you uploaded a .zip file directly from Saagie, you have to upload the new .zip file.

    • If you fetched your repository from a URL, you can edit the URL if the .zip file has been moved.

  5. Click Update technologies to validate.
    A progress bar is displayed while the technologies are updating.

    You can stop the update before it is complete by clicking Cancel the update under the progress bar.
Repository synchronization
Figure 4: Repository update

2. Revert the update

If you add, update, or delete a technology by mistake, no worries! You can cancel the update by reverting to the previous version of the repository.

  1. Click History from your repository.
    The History page opens. It gives you the history and allows you to keep track of the updates made.

  2. Click Revert next to the current update to return to the previous version.

    Reverting the technology update

    A message appears to warn you that reverting the update of your repository will delete the current update.

  3. Select the checkbox and click Confirm revert to validate.

If you have deleted an update by mistake, you can update your technologies again by repeating the manual update procedure.