Set up external connections

In order to Saagie to run correctly and have full functionality, you need to meet LDAP and SMTP prerequisites.

1. LDAP requirements

Saagie is compatible with Active Directory and OpenLDAP directory services.

Realm is the same as the platform prefix determined for the DNS entry.
  1. Create an LDAP group.

    • All users placed in this group will be Saagie administrators. They will have administrator rights that allow them to manage the authorizations and rights of other groups.

  2. Create a Machine to Machine (M2M) user.

    • The M2M user must be in the Saagie administrator group you created.

    • The M2M user will run queries and searches on the LDAP.

2. SMTP requirements

Saagie must have access to your SMTP server and is compatible with the following configurations:

  • SMTP authentication can either be anonymous or require authentication.

  • SMTP transport can be SMTP or SMTPS.

  • You must have a valid TLS certificate.