Installing Saagie

Before you can start using Saagie to meet your data orchestration needs, you need to install it.

This documentation is for on-premises and public cloud deployment modes only. Not all options are available for Saagie Cloud and Saagie Appliance modes.

1. How to install Saagie

Installing Saagie is a multi-step process:

  1. Before you begin, read the explanation of DNS entry format, PSPs, and minimum machine requirements.

  2. Create or configure your Kubernetes cluster.

    • Follow the page for your type of cluster.

    • If your cluster will be offline, review the page for offline clusters as well.

  3. Prepare your Kubernetes cluster.

  4. Set up external connections.

  5. Install certificate.

  6. Download the installer.

  7. Configure your instance.

  8. Install Saagie.

  9. Create your DNS entry.

3. Appendix

After the entire installation processes are complete, you might need to customize parts of your configuration.