Running the Saagie installer is a multi-step process. You must:

  1. Validate the .mdl files generated during the configuration process.

  2. Validate cluster prerequisites.

  3. Run the installer.

  4. Note your instance’s URL.

1. Validate environment

Validating your environment will verify that it meets all prerequisites.

To validate your environment, run following argument:

/path/to/bin/saagiectl validate all
If your environment does not pass validation, submit a ticket to Saagie support.

2. Run the installer

The installer will check the compatibility of your platform with the information you provided during the configuration process. It will also install missing components.

To check your platform compatibility all at once, use the following argument:

/path/to/bin/saagiectl install all

There are two outcome options each time the installer checks for compatibility: no error and error.

  • If your result is no error, run the installer for the next component.

  • If your result is error, follow the instructions provided in the error message. Then, run the installer for that component again.

3. Instance URL

After all components have been run successfully, the installer will provide the URL of your instance. Login to Saagie in your browser with the URL, login, and password.

  • If you used Keycloak, the installer will provide the login and password for your administrator account.

  • If you used an LDAP, you already have the login and password for your administrator account.