Tutorial: Create DNS entry to your Saagie platform

This tutorial will help you create a DNS entry to your platform.

1. Retrieve the IP address(es) for your platform

Confirm your public-exposed IP address(es) with the provided tool saagiectl.

/path/to/bin/saagiectl describe entrypoint

The output of the command will look like this:

Entry point IP:
Entry point hostname: ab2a52978091311eaa4350a2732ba8a5-86116228.eu-central-1.elb.amazonaws.com
Platform URL:         https://dunder-workspace.dundermifflin.com

The Entry point IP is the IP of your Saagie platform.

2. Update your hosts file

Place the Entry point IP into your hosts file.

<ip> <prefix>-<suffix>.<domain.com> (1) (2)

example: dunder-workspace.dundermifflin.com
1 Replace <ip> with your IP address.
2 Replace <prefix>, <suffix>, and <domain.com> with the URL components determined at the beginning of the installation process.

Now, you’ll be able to access the URL of your instance from your browser.