Upgrading Saagie

Use this tutorial to upgrade to a newer version of Saagie atop an existing installation.

When upgrading Saagie, do not delete the previous installation folder to keep the history of previously installed versions. This could be useful for Saagie support in future upgrades.
  1. Download the latest installer.

    Do not merge this content with the previous installation folder. To do so, unzip it in a new folder.
  2. Copy and paste the .mdl and .yml files from your previous installation folder into the newest installation folder that you just unzip.

  3. Launch the installer by running the following command:

    ./bin/saagiectl configure

    You may have to respond to a new series of prompts. A new parameter in a section will lead you to respond to all the prompts in that section.

    Be sure to reconfigure your product with the same answers as before. For more information, see how to configure Saagie.
  4. Run the Saagie installer.