Explanation: User interface

Welcome to the Saagie user interface.

Let’s review the elements of the Saagie user interface present everywhere in the product.

Your access to some platforms and primary navigation modules depends on authorizations. If you do not have access to a platform or module you need, contact your administrator.
Saagie User Interface
  1. Primary navigation menu

  2. Secondary navigation menu

  3. Button to collapse navigation menus

  4. Platforms menu

  5. Intercom widget button

1. Primary navigation

Primary navigation

The primary navigation is where you’ll find the main modules of Saagie, as well as your personal profile information.

The primary navigation can be divided into four categories:

  1. Platform-specific modules

  2. Cross-platform modules

  3. Datalake access

  4. User profile

1.1. Platform-specific modules

Projects and Manager are platform-specific. You will only be able to access these modules on platforms for which you have authorization.

When you navigate away from platform-specific modules—​whether you log out or access a cross-platform module—​Saagie will remember the last platform you used when you return.

1.2. Cross-platform modules

Catalog, Governance, Security, and Operations are cross-platform modules. These modules are typically for those responsible for managing their company’s Saagie platform.

1.3. Datalake

The Datalake icon is a button. Select the button to open a list of Hue Datalakes, then select the Datalake you need. It will open in a new window.

1.4. User profile

Select the user icon to:

  • See your username

  • Access your user profile

  • Change password

  • Logout

2. Secondary navigation

The menu related to your current module is displayed here. The content will change according to the module.

You can refer to the explanation module of the documentation to review each module’s user interface.

3. Collapse navigation menus

A button to collapse navigation menus appears on every page.

Select this button to collapse both the primary and secondary navigation panels, giving you more space in the body of the page to view your work. You can still access all the navigation menu items when the panels are collapsed, but the buttons will be smaller and the text labels will disappear.

Full and collapsed primary and secondary navigation menus

4. Platforms menu

The platforms menu provides access to all platforms the user can access based on authorizations.

  • Select anywhere on the platforms menu button to open the menu.

  • Choose any platform to open that platform.

  • You can also use this menu anytime to switch from one platform to another.

Platforms menu

5. Intercom widget

The intercom widget provides access to Saagie Support as well as this documentation. The widget appears on every page, so the first line of support is just a click away.

Once selected, it transforms into a close button. When you’re done with the widget, select that close button to minimize the Intercom box.

Intercom Widget