1. Overview

Screenshot of the users overview homepage with four sections outlined
  1. Platform indicator: Security is a cross-platform module. You cannot navigate between platforms directly from the users section.

  2. New user button: Create a new user.

  3. Search for users: Search for users by username or by email address.

  4. List of users: Use this list to navigate to a user’s details and to delete users.

2. User settings

2.1. Usernames

Administrators choose usernames when creating new users.

Usernames cannot be changed. If there is a mistake in a username, an administrator needs to delete the user and create a new one.

Usernames can contain:

  • letters

  • numbers

  • dots (.)

  • dashes (-)

  • underscores (_)

2.2. Passwords

Administrators set temporary passwords when creating new users. Users are prompted to change that password the first time they log in.

Passwords must respect the following rules:

  1. Passwords must contain at least 10 characters.

  2. Passwords cannot contain more than two consecutive repeating characters.

  3. Passwords must use at least three of the following types of characters:

    1. uppercase letters

    2. lowercase letters

    3. numbers

    4. special characters

  4. Passwords cannot contain the username.

When an administrator sets a password, there are only two restrictions: the password cannot contain the username and must contain at least 10 characters.

2.2.1. Reset password

You can reset your own password at any time by navigating to your user profile in the primary navigation panel, then selecting Change password.

If you forget your password, there are two options:

  1. If you registered your email address, you can change your password without involving an administrator:

    1. Open the Saagie product homepage.

    2. Select Forgot password? on the login screen.

    3. Enter your email. You’ll receive an email with further instructions.

  2. If you did not register your email address, you’ll need to contact an administrator. Administrators can change your password by navigating to the your user details from the user homepage.

2.3. Email addresses

Email addresses are optional and can only be added by the user (not by administrators). Email addresses are used:

  • to receive status alerts on jobs, pipelines, and apps

  • to recover a forgotten password

You’ll be prompted to add an email address the first time you log in to Saagie. You can also add your email address at any time by navigating to your user profile in the primary navigation panel, then selecting Profile.

One email address can only be associated with one Saagie user. If you need multiple Saagie user profiles, you’ll either need to use multiple email addresses (or email aliases), or not add an email address for each profile.

2.4. Job titles

Job titles are optional and purely informative. Only users can add or remove their job title.

3. Manage users

Administrators can:

  • reset a user’s password

  • view the groups a user belongs to

  • add users to groups

  • remove users from groups

  • delete users

Administrators cannot:

  • change usernames

  • add email addresses

  • add job titles

To reset a password or view a user’s groups, navigate to the user from the user homepage.

Though you cannot modify group membership from this page, you can navigate to those groups directly from the user’s profile. Users can only be added to groups or removed from groups through the groups section.

Refer to the section on managing groups to learn more.

4. Delete a user

There are two ways to delete users. Both occur on the users homepage.

4.1. Delete in bulk

  1. Check the box next to the users you’d like to delete.

  2. When done, select the Delete button that appears.

There is no confirmation box for a bulk delete. Triple-check before selecting Delete that you are only deleting the correct users.

4.2. Delete individually

  1. Select the Delete button in the member’s row.

  2. A box will appear to confirm your action.

  3. Select Delete or Cancel.