Tutorials: Catalog module

Learn how to add, update, revert, modify, and delete repositories in your Technology Catalog.

By default, the official Saagie repository is added to your Technology Catalog. This repository, named Saagie, cannot be deleted, but you don’t have to manage it: Saagie does it for you by taking care of technology lifecycle management, fixing security vulnerabilities and ensuring library compatibility.

We have a couple of tips for you:

  • The processes are similar for URL and ZIP repositories. We separated them here for clarity, but once you’ve worked with one of the repository types, the other will feel very familiar.

  • You might find it helpful to have the Technology Catalog explanation section open as you complete these tutorials.

These tutorials assume that you have access to your platform’s Technology Catalog and can add and work with repositories in the catalog. If you don’t, your administrator will need to grant you access to the Technology Catalog before you can continue.