Saagie groups

Use these tutorials to create and modify a Saagie group.

1. Create a group

Next, let’s create the group dunder-mifflin.

1.1. Navigate to groups

  1. Go to Security from the primary navigation menu.

  2. You’ll land on the Users homepage by default.

  3. Select Groups in the secondary navigation menu.

1.2. Create a new group

Now that you’re in the right place, it’s time to create a new group.

  1. Select the New group button.

  2. Enter the name of your group: dunder-mifflin

  3. Select the Continue button.

1.3. Add members to group

Let’s add stanley.hudson to our dunder-mifflin group.

  1. Select the Add a member button.

  2. A box will appear.

  3. Enter stan into the search bar. Your new user stanley.hudson should appear.

  4. Choose stanley.hudson to add Stanley to the list.

  5. Select the Add to group button.

  6. Select the Continue button.

1.4. Choose the group’s access rights

Next, it’s time to determine what the dunder-mifflin group should be able to access globally.

Global access rights will apply to all platforms this group can access. Access to platforms is determined in the next step.

  1. First, let’s determine the manager global role. Let’s give the group the role of manager.

    Before determining global roles when creating your groups, make sure to review the different roles within Saagie.
  2. Leave the checkbox next to Can access Technology Catalog empty.

  3. Select the Continue button.

New group global access rights

1.5. Add platform access

Adding platform access is a bit more complex, but essential for users to be able to work with Saagie.

Let’s give this group access to one platform and configure access for that platform.

  1. Select the Add platform access button.

  2. Add platform access rights for one platform of your choice.

    • In the image, we’ve granted access to the Saagie platform.

Once you’ve added a platform, there are several steps divided between two views.

1.5.1. Add application access

Add application access
  1. Let’s disregard the Manager and Governance modules for now.

  2. Select the Can access Projects checkbox to give the group access to the Projects module.

  3. Select the Can create new projects checkbox as well, allowing this group to create projects on the platform Saagie.

1.5.2. Add project access

Finally, let’s add access to all projects.

Add project access
  1. Navigate to the Projects view.

  2. Select the Access all projects checkbox.

  3. Choose the role of Editor.

  4. Select the Create group button.

  5. Once the group creation process is finished, enter dun into the search bar to confirm that the group dunder-mifflin exists.

    Using the search bar to find the new group

2. Modify a group

After creating the group dunder-mifflin, we realized that we need to adjust some settings.

2.1. Navigate to the group

  1. You’re probably still on the groups homepage, but if you’re not, navigate there.

  2. All groups are listed in the body of the page.

  3. Locate the group you just created: dunder-mifflin

    • You can use the search bar or scroll through your groups to find it.

  4. Open the group by selecting it.

  5. Notice that you can modify members as well as global and platform access.

2.2. Modify members

We don’t need to make any changes to the group members, but note that, on this page, you can add members to the group as well as remove them from the group.

2.3. Modify global access

The global role is still correct, but it turns out that this group needs access to the Technology Catalog.

  1. Make no changes to the global role.

  2. Select the Can access Technology Catalog checkbox to grant access.

2.4. Modify platform access

We have two changes to make in the platform access section. The group needs access to the Manager module, and does not need access to all projects.

2.4.1. Add module

  1. Select the Can access Manager with role of checkbox to add access to the Manager module.

    • Notice that the role is manager, which is the same role we selected when determining global access.

2.4.2. Change projects

Finally, let’s update access to projects.

  1. Navigate to the Projects view.

  2. Clear the Access all projects checkbox. You’ll now be able to add projects one at a time.

  3. Select the Add projects button.

  4. Choose any project. In the image, we’ve selected the Dunder Mifflin Paper Sales project (which you can create by following the Create a Saagie project tutorial).

  5. Select the Add access button.

  6. Give the group the role of Editor.

  7. Select the Save group button.

Modify project access

Refer to the security explanation section for more information: