Saagie Legacy (Version 1)

While we are transitioning to version 2 of the product, this FAQ page is here to help with common questions related to version 1.

Documentation linked from this page is no longer maintained.

If your interface resembles this image, this page could be helpful to you.

Image of the V1 user interface

2. Legacy documentation

Documentation for our first and oldest version of Saagie.

3. Common questions

3.1. Why is the timing off for my scheduled run?

The platform functions in UTC, so the issue is probably related to time zone. Consider this:

Choosing your time and day
  1. All times in Saagie are in UTC. Be sure to calculate for your time zone.

  2. Many Kubernetes clusters are configured to use a time zone where time changes. This will affect scheduled runs.

    1. Any job, pipeline, or app scheduled between 12:01 and 12:59 AM in that time zone will not run on the days time changes.

    2. For half the year, all job, pipeline, or app runs will run one hour earlier or later than selected.

  3. Runs scheduled for the 29th, 30th, or 31st day of the month will not run in months with fewer than 29, 30, or 31 days.

3.2. What do the roles viewer, editor, and manager mean?

Table 1. Roles
Action | Role Viewer Editor Manager

View project




Edit project content
(example: jobs)



Modify project settings and configuration
(example: run type, versions)


Delete Project


3.3. What do the different status alerts mean?

  • requested: you’ve asked for the job, pipeline, or app to run; it is waiting for the resources it needs to be able to launch

  • queued: the job, pipeline, or app is in line to run

  • running: the job, pipeline, or app is actively running

  • failed: the job, pipeline, or app’s run failed

  • killing: Saagie is in the process of stopping the job, pipeline, or app’s run

  • killed: the job, pipeline, or app’s run has stopped

  • succeeded: the job, pipeline, or app ran successfully