About Repositories

Overview Page

The The "Overview" page icon is a square divided into several other squares. Overview page provides general information about your repository.

By default, the page opens when you click a repository in the platforms’ repository library.

The first part of the page (1) provides general information about the repository, such as the repository name and type, creation date and creator, URL or .zip file name, and information about the last update.

The second part of the page (2) provides information about the available technologies in the repository, such as the name, type, and contexts of the technology.
Click a technology in the list to open a side panel and display more details about each context, such as the name, status, last update, and Docker image if it is an embedded job technology, or the available features and connection type if it is an external job technology.

Some external job technologies do not have all the features. In the Features list, you can see which ones are available, indicated by a check mark.
Screenshot of the "Overview" page of a repository.

History Page

The The "History" page icon is a counterclockwise arrow. History page provides information about the change history of your repository, allowing you to keep track of the changes that have been made.

The page provides a timeline of the repository activities. You can see the different steps your repository has gone through, who initiated the action, how many times it was updated and when.
You can view the details of each update by clicking Details. This shows which technologies have been updated and what the changes are, whether it is a job, an external job, or an app technology, and which contexts have been changed.

The possible update statuses for the updated technologies or contexts are as follows:

  • Update: The technology has been updated.

    Snippet of an updated technology.
    Snippet of a replaced technology.
  • Add: The technology has been added.

    Snippet of an added technology.
  • Delete: The technology has been deleted.

    Snippet of a deleted technology.

The History page also allows you to undo your last update and revert to the previous one.