Use Airbyte As a Saagie App

Airbyte is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create and manage connections between data source and Saagie-managed data storage, such as data lakes, S3 object storage, or PostgreSQL. In other words, you can use Airbyte as an app to ingest external data sources into Saagie.
Once fresh data is in Saagie, you can easily orchestrate all data operations using the Data Services Orchestrator module and other Saagie services. And, of course, Airbyte can be used to move data wherever you want, not just to Saagie data storage.

  1. On your Saagie platform and in the corresponding project, make sure you have created the required global and project environment variables. For more information, see Airbyte Prerequisites.

    You can also create a new Saagie project instead of using an existing one. In this case, do not forget to create the required project environment variables in this new project.
  2. Enable Airbyte in your project by modifying its settings. Click The settings icon is a gear. Project settings  App Technologies and select Airbyte from the Saagie repository.

  3. Click Save settings to save your changes.

  4. From your project’s The "Apps" page icon is a PC screen with a star in the middle. Apps page, you can now add Airbyte as an app. For more information, see how to install an app from the Saagie catalog.

    Click Read me info circle before installing the app to display and read the installation help file.
  5. Once started, a pop-up message appears. Enter your e-mail address and click Get Started to start Airbyte as an app in Saagie.

Each Saagie project can have its own Airbyte app. The minimum isolation is enforced by Airbyte workspace, which is automatically set up at the app installation.

For more information, see the official Airbyte documentation.