Airbyte’s features enable organizations to easily connect data sources and destinations, ensuring that data is moved efficiently and accurately between systems. This section describes how to use Airbyte with Saagie.

Connectors are one of the most difficult aspects of data pipeline and ETL/ELT. You need to connect to various data sources and ingest data to destinations.

Airbyte offers a range of features that enable seamless integration between data sources and data destinations, including:

  • Connectors: Predefined connectors make it easy to connect to data sources and destinations without having to write custom code or build integrations from scratch.

  • Schema Inference: Airbyte can automatically infer the schema of the data sources, making it easier to map data from source to destination.

  • Data Transformation: Built-in data transformation functions, such as mapping and filtering, allow you to customize data mappings and ensure that data is correctly formatted before being sent to the destination.

  • Real-Time Data Synchronization: Real-time data synchronization enables continuous replication of data from source to destination as it changes.

  • Data Validation: Data validation ensures that data is accurate and complete before it is sent to the destination.

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