Create Machine Learning Pipelines With BigQuery in Saagie

In this section we will see how to do machine learning with BigQuery using Python in Saagie. To do this, we will look at sentiment analysis applied to movie reviews in the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and follow each step of this process. Our goal is to determine the polarity of the reviews, that is, whether they are positive or negative.

Combined, Saagie and BigQuery make it quick and easy to set up a machine learning model. In fact, the two complement each other. Using Saagie to orchestrate data analysis tasks effectively simplifies and automates the process, providing a smoother and more efficient solution for BigQuery data analysis.

This section will include several articles. One article for each step of the sentiment analysis process.

In this section:

  • Send Data to BigQuery

  • Preprocess Data (coming soon)

  • Create a Logistic Regression Model (coming soon)

  • Evaluate the Logistic Regression Model (coming soon)