Saagie CI/CD

This section describes how to integrate your Saagie projects into a CI/CD pipeline using our dedicated GitHub Actions. You can easily include the source code of your jobs and pipelines in a leading Git tool like GitHub. This can enable Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) across all Saagie platforms, from development to production. These development best practices, such as pull changes, review, compare, or commit, can help you better control changes and thus ensure the integrity and consistency of your production environment.

cicd schema setup process 2

In this section:

  • Setting Up the CI/CD: Setting up your GitHub repository (#1).

  • Defining the CI/CD Stages: Assigning branches to your Saagie platforms according to your CI/CD stages (#2 and #3).

  • Using the CI/CD: Defining your GitHub Actions workflow, linking your IDE to Git, modifying and delivering your code (#4 and #5).

  • References: How to create your .json configuration files.