Creating the Metadata Files and the Zip Archive

To add your own technologies to the Saagie technology catalog, each technology must be declared in its own metadata.yaml file. The file(s) must then be compressed in a zip format to constitute the technology repository.

  • Saagie uses three types of technologies: jobs, apps, and external jobs.

  • Saagie supports both .yml and .yaml extensions.

  1. Create the metadata.yaml or metadata.yml file:

    External technologies require a more advanced setup with additional information on how to establish a connection with the external service and how the life cycle of the external job instance must be executed.
    You can use the attribute reference tables, and the metadata example files to create metadata files.
  2. Save your file(s) according to the following architecture:

    • The job, app, and external technologies are in separate folders, which are grouped in a main folder.

    • The job, app, and external technology folders have subdirectories for each technology.

    • Each technology subdirectory has its own metadata.yaml file.

      External technologies must include the referenced JavaScript files.
      Folder Hierarchy
      Figure 2: Folder hierarchy
  3. Compress the main folder in .zip format.

    Your .zip file can contain several types of files but only files named metadata.yaml or metadata.yml will be processed.

    For example, you can create a zip archive with the contents of the Saagie technology repository using the following command line:

    zip -r technologies/