About Saagie Resources Monitoring

Saagie Resources Monitoring (SRM) is a set of graphs providing a global view of RAM and CPU consumption for nodes, jobs and apps of your cluster.

SRM gives you an overview of your cluster’s resource consumption through a series of graphs. It is based on Grafana. The custom dashboard lets you quickly visualize and analyze RAM and CPU consumption.

To access SRM, click open external Resource Details in the secondary navigation menu of the The "Monitoring" module icon is a heart with an electrocardiogram in it. Monitoring module. It will open SRM in a new tab.

monitoring overview cluster see srm

The SRM Dashboard

A dashboard in Grafana is a set of one or more panels organized and arranged into one or more rows. Dashboards and panels allow you to show your data in visual form.

SRM dashboard is simply organized. It is composed of multiple rows that are collapsed by default. You can see the consumption of nodes, jobs and apps through CPU graphs and RAM graphs. There is a dedicated row for each.

monitoring overview cluster srm dashboard
  • Hover over the data of the various graphs to display tooltips with more details.

  • Select a range on the graph to zoom in on the selection. As all graphs are synchronized, selecting a time range on one graph will also apply this range to the other graphs.

Use filters to view your graphs with more relevant data. There are four custom filters. A filter to select the specific node(s) to be displayed, one for the project(s), and two to define minimum CPU and RAM consumption.

monitoring overview cluster srm dashboard filters

Click the filter and select one or more values from the list, or enter the desired value in the field provided. The graphics will be updated accordingly. This may take some time. You can see two arrows rotating at the top right of each graph as they update.

You can click the question mark at the top right of the page for a summary of keyboard shortcuts.

monitoring overview cluster srm dashboard shortcuts

For more information on how to use dashboards, see the Grafana documentation, Use dashboards.