Airbyte Prerequisites

To make Airbyte work on your platform, you must meet the following requirements.

  1. Ask Saagie a VM containing Airbyte. To do so, open a ticket at the Saagie Help Center.

  2. Once your VM has been created, you will receive the information required to configure Airbyte in Saagie, that is, your credentials and URL of the VM you have requested. Remember them for the next step.

  3. On your Saagie platform, create the following global environment variables:

    Name Value


    The URL of the VM containing Airbyte.


    The login of the VM containing Airbyte.


    The password of the VM containing Airbyte.


    The URL of your Saagie platform.
    For example,


    The ID of your Saagie platform. The default value is 1.

  4. In your Saagie project, create the following project environment variables:

    Name Value


    The Saagie platform user login.

    Make sure this user have editor rights to the corresponding project, that is, the project you will be referencing for SAAGIE_PROJECT_NAME.


    The Saagie platform user password.


    The name of your Saagie project.


    The Airbyte workspace name. If not configured, it will retrieve the value of the SAAGIE_PROJECT_NAME environment variable.

    The user credentials referenced in the above environment variables are required for project management. Any other user with access to the project will be able to use the Airbyte app.
  5. You can now access Airbyte either: