Repository Settings

This topic presents the setting options available for your repositories.

You can access the repository settings by clicking The settings icon is a gear. Repository settings in the right-hand corner of the The "Overview" page icon is a square divided into several other squares. Overview or The "History" page icon is a counterclockwise arrow. History pages of the repository.

1. Name

Names are mandatory. They can be up to 255 characters long and must be unique within a project.

2. URL

For repositories fetched from a URL only.

Update your repository’s URL.

3. Automatic update

For repositories fetched from a URL only.

By selecting this option, your technologies will be automatically updated after saving changes to the repository settings.

This will only apply to this instance of saving your settings.

4. Danger Zone

The Danger Zone setting allows you to delete your repository. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. There is a small period during which the deletion is processed and during which you will be able to cancel it.

Deleting a repository disable all jobs and apps using the technologies in that repository.